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LEAD-ing the way in Care and Support Planning

Throughout January, we launched the next phase of our internal leadership programme, LEAD, with a focus on delivering excellence in Care and Support Planning.

Group of Service Leaders stood smiling at the cameraThis follows on from the successful introduction of our innovative Care and Support Planning training last year, which saw our charity take a unique approach to learning, facilitated by drama-based education specialists, Afta Thought.

Whilst the initial sessions with Afta Thought were designed to transform thinking around person-centred care and support, this next step in training focuses on fortifying this aspirational learning into practical action.

By engaging leaders and empowering them to coach their teams in having great quality conversations, the course aims to enable teams to better capture peoples’ voices and ensure their needs and aspirations are reflected in care and support plans.

Over 160 of Community Integrated Care’s Service Leaders have attended this training so far – with a further 130 to attend in the coming weeks. Sessions have been positively received, leaving our leaders with a renewed sense of shared purpose and an enthusiasm to reinforce the best lives possible for the people we support.

Nick Howe, a Service Leader in Leeds told us about the impact the session has had in helping him to unlock ideas to enhance care and support planning in his service.

Nick said, “The session has given me so many fresh insights to pass on to my team. It was so collaborative, allowing an open forum to discuss real-life experiences and to contribute our own ideas.”

He continued, “I found it really empowering, we’re all responsible for championing this. I now have lots of guidance around ensuring the voice of the people we support is reflected in care and support plans and in the details that make the difference. It’s left me feeling revitalised – we can’t be complacent in this role and I’ve now got a cohesive vision to work towards.”

So far, the LEAD sessions have provided Service Leaders across our charity with the next steps they need to enhance care and support planning processes within their teams, considering key areas for development. Whilst this training enables Service Leaders to lead by example within their service, we’re excited to roll out further Care & Support Planning training for Support Workers later this year.

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