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South - colleague and person supported walking down street

Where We Work

Community Integrated Care works nationwide, with services in many locations, supporting people from the tip of Scotland to the south coast of England. From Wick to Wickham, our charity is at hand to help.

National Reach, Local Knowledge

As a national care provider with a hands-on approach, our regional social care support is all about getting under the skin of each unique community that we serve.

We ensure we get the focus just right in our regional divisions, structured to supply the resources, specialist skills and support for excellent social care services in local communities.

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Structured for success

A dedicated Managing Director heads up each region, backed up by our Support Services team. Regional responsibility and decision making means that our care services in each location, are tailored to meet local needs.

If you’re looking for social care support for a learning disability, autism or a mental health condition, or you’re seeking Supporting Living, Complex Care or Technology Support, we’re ready to help.

Person supported smiling in wheelchair