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At Community Integrated Care, we are a digital-first organisation, investing in training, infrastructure and technology, to ensure that we lead the sector for quality and create a platform for significant growth. As a social care charity which delivers services from the very tip of Scotland, right down to the foot of England – we’re leading the way in developing and employing innovative ways to improve social care.

Technology Enabled Care

Over the last decade, there have been significant developments in the specialist assistive technologies available to social care providers.

These are now so sophisticated in their capability that they allow organisations like ours to completely transform our product and create new models of care that are tailored and flexible.

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Benefiting the people we support

By using technology, we are able to ensure the support we provide is more consistent, reliable and person-centered. It has also been key in improving independence for the people we support, enabling them to lead the best lives possible.

Improving communication

As a charity, we know that technology can improve communication, make work simpler, support training and give greater independence to the people we support. That’s why we’ve committed to improving frontline technology and ensuring that our colleagues have the right skills to make the most of it.

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