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Our Vision & Values

Community Integrated Care exists to enable people to lead the Best Lives Possible. It’s that simple.

Our Vision

From Scotland to England, we want to provide support based on the principles of choice, dignity and respect in the community. And that resonates in our vision of “Your Life, Your Choice”.

Our values

We know what we want to achieve, and our values drive us forward every day. We’re clear and focused on what makes up the DNA of our charity:


We include the people we support, our colleagues, partners and the communities where we work.


We deliver the best possible outcomes for the people we support, our colleagues and the people we work with.


We aspire to be the best at what we do.


We respect individual choices and promote inclusion, rights and independence.


We enable others to fulfil their needs and achieve their aspirations.

We Dare to be different

Bringing our values to life, we’ve captured our ethos and ambitions in two words – We Dare. Which is derived from the acronym of our values IDARE.

How do we translate our vision into reality as a national social care charity?

These are the three strands of our brand promise that keep us on track across all of our services…

We’re proud of our people, we care with passion, and we believe in potential.

These commitments underpin all of our actions, and we hope that they shine out from our people.

As we challenge the expectations and perceptions of the care sector, we strive to enrich the lives of the people we support, while continuing to build relationships with customers, colleagues and communities.

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Find out more

Read our exciting new strategy as we continue to explore new ways to help people lead the best lives possible.