Mark adams at a roadshow introducing We Dare

Our Strategy

Over the last four years, our charity’s strategy, We Dare, has helped us all to focus our collective efforts to transform the lives of the people we support, our colleagues and the communities we work in – The Power Of Three.

And now, as we look to continuously evolve and take our next step, we’ve asked ourselves one simple question. Why do we exist?

And for every single one of us – in every team, every department, at every level – the answer is the same: so that the people we support, and the people who support them, can live the Best Lives Possible.

This answer is what we’ve agreed will take us forward for the next five years. As we set out on this next step in our strategic vision, we do so with a clear desire to deliver the Best Lives Possible for the people we support and our colleagues and in doing so setting an example to the rest of the sector.

We Still Dare

While we’re embarking on a new strategy and vision for the future, we’re not losing sight of the incredible journey we’ve been on over the last four years. We Dare is, and will continue to be, how we express our values with passion at Community Integrated Care. It’s a powerful call to action for us all and is an integral part of our charity’s story. It’s through these values and our continued focus on The Power Of Three that we’ll deliver the Best Lives Possible for the people we support.


Partnering with people who choose Community Integrated Care to increase their independence, maximise their potential and fulfil their aspirations with dignity and respect


Offering our colleagues a career they love, that values and rewards them appropriately, and provides opportunities for learning and personal growth


Helping to shape an inclusive society that recognises people who have support needs as valued citizens and champions the importance of our sector

Charity of the Year

In 2019, our charity was recognised for the implementation of our We Dare strategy by the Charity Times Awards, collecting the prestigious ‘Charity of the Year’ accolade. Judges praised our charity for its bravery in ‘disrupting the status quo’ and acting ‘as mavericks’ in the social care sector.

You can find out more about our We Dare strategy by clicking here.

Charity times charity of the year trophy at House of Lords event