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We launch innovative support plan training

October has seen the launch of an exciting theatre-based training programme across our charity, aimed to challenge and inspire our frontline colleagues.

AFTA Thought team in performanc.Partnering with Afta Thought, a team of skilled actors and trainers, we’ve developed innovative training sessions that explore why great Care & Support Planning is vital to ensuring the people we support live the best lives possible. The sessions form part of our larger Care & Support Planning project to improve standards across our charity.

Through a combination of performance art and interactive sessions, held in-person and virtually, this pioneering way of training is capturing the attention of our colleagues and transforming ways of thinking.

People we support have also been involved in the development of the sessions, attending the events and featuring in the emotive performances to express how important the training is.

Carrie-Anne Scott, Service Leader in Clackmannanshire, Scotland, attended one of the in-person sessions with her team and has shared the incredible impact the experience has had.

Carrie-Anne said, “My team were really engaged in the session and came away completely inspired. The performances challenged us all emotionally and got us thinking of the ‘why’ behind everything we do.”

She continued, “I’ve already seen a fantastic improvement in our ways of working. The team have become so much more reflective of their practice and are less reluctant to open up deeper conversations with the people we support. We’re now looking beyond just how we support people with their day-to-day lives but also how we think and dream bigger. We’re exploring how we find out what people’s big goals and aspirations are, and how we can achieve them as a team.”

Members of Carrie-Anne’s team were also enthusiastic to share their feedback, remarking on how it was ‘the best training [they’ve] ever attended’ and ‘such a unique and memorable approach’.

The sessions will continue to be delivered throughout November and December for all frontline Support Workers and Service Leaders at Community Integrated Care.

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