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We’re shortlisted for three Sports Business Awards

Community Integrated Care’s pioneering Inclusive Volunteering model has been recognised as one of the best programmes in the UK sports sector, being shortlisted in three categories at the Sports Business Awards 2023.

Our programme is shortlisted for the ‘Best Sports Community Scheme’, ‘Sports Equality Diversity & Inclusion Award’, and ‘Partnership of the Year’ honours. These nominations are shared with our delivery partners – Sport England, UEFA Women’s Euro 2022, World Gymnastics Championships 2022, and Rugby League World Cup 2021.

The Inclusive Volunteering model sees our charity create life-changing personal development opportunities for people who access care and support, inspired by and delivered with major events. Offering aspirational vocational placements and innovative programmes that build skills, friendships, and new passions, it provides a uniquely a motivating pathway to greater independence.

The programme has been proven to leave a lasting impact – with 96% of participants reporting increased skills and confidence, and many achieving remarkable long-term opportunities.

Matt Price, Sports Inclusion Assistant at Community Integrated Care, says: “Working on programmes like this and having access to these opportunities has genuinely been life changing.

I’ve gained confidence in myself, a new direction and sense of purpose, I’ve been able to explore my interests in sports and photography, and even gained full time employment.

I now have a career in something I love to do every day – supporting people like me to explore their talents and achieve their potential. I’m glad I’ve had this chance to make a mark and glad that is enabling so many others to make theirs too.”

John Hughes, Director of Partnerships and Communities at Community Integrated Care, says: “We are grateful to every volunteer, and their support teams, for their brilliant contributions to these tournaments. I would also like to thank the colleagues at all levels of Community Integrated Care who have worked tirelessly to make this a reality.

These programmes have changed more than 600 lives. None of this could happen without the passion and support of our brilliant partners.”

The winners will be announced at the Sports Business Awards Ceremony, 10 November 2023, The Hurlingham Club, London.

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