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We’re featured in Enable magazine

Enable Mag front cover

Community Integrated Care is proud to have featured in the latest issue of Enable magazine – the UK’s leading disability and lifestyle publication. The article sees our CEO, Mark Adams, interviewed for a in-depth piece looking at how to fix the current problems in social care.

The interview discusses the Government’s latest plans for social care reform, giving our charity a fantastic opportunity to voice the challenges facing the care sector right now, including issues such as the current workforce crisis to under-funding.

Mark Adams was quoted within the Enable article:

“On the one hand starting an active discussion about reforms in obviously long overdue and any new money coming into the system must help, but I think that social care deserved to have an announcement with specific measures and specific ambitions.”

“We would like to have a system that ultimately gives people professional esteem, allowing them to see a career progression in social care, and to once and for all get rid of the misnomer that social care is low skilled”

Find the link to read the full article from Enable magazine here.

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