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We’re Celebrating LGBT+ History Month

During February, Community Integrated Care is proudly marking LGBT+ History Month to show our support and appreciation for LGBT+ communities, both within our charity and beyond.

"Join us in supporting LGBT+ History Month"

This year’s theme is Behind the Lens, celebrating the contributions of the LGBT+ people to cinema and film. Throughout the month, we’ll be using the theme of film and television as a springboard to open broader conversations around the lived experiences of LGBT+ people, as well as important parts of LGBT+ history.

To kick things off, our Wellbeing, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist, Anita Amurun, reflected on an LGBT+ TV series that has inspired her.

Highlighting the drama series, POSE, Anita shared:

“POSE begins in the midst of the HIV and AIDS epidemic in 1980s New York City and ingeniously juxtaposes the glitz and glam of the ballroom scene against the hostile political and social climate that pervaded the lives of many Black and Latinx trans people of the time.

Unlike many depictions within the arts and media of trans people and their lives, POSE beautifully and poignantly explores themes such as love, community, and our inherited and chosen families, all with a stunning and vibrant diverse cast.

What makes POSE so special to me, is how it humanises the trans and wider LGBTQ+ community, with its ensemble of trans actors playing authentic and multifaceted characters that aren’t a caricature or yet another problematic depiction of trans and LGBTQIA+ lives.

The actors and writers illustrate the beauty and resilience of the Black and Latinx LGBTQ+ community, with exceptional character development and storylines that blossom on screen, but also emphasise very real and acute social crises such as racism, health disparities, unfair criminalisation, poverty and the exclusion the community at the time faced and unfortunately continues to face today.

Every few months, I find myself logging into Netflix (its now on BBC iPlayer) to rewatch the show, as it reminds me to always seek joy, embrace love, keep on fighting oppressive structures and live my life abundantly. I couldn’t recommend this show more! You’ll be laughing and boogying throughout this incredible series, but do keep a couple of tissues beside you as it is a tearjerker. Enjoy!”

– Anita Amurun, Wellbeing, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist (she/her)

Throughout the month, Community Integrated Care will also be holding LGBT+ themed activity sessions on our award-winning online activities platform, What To Do. These sessions will be free for people who access care and support to attend, along with their Support Workers or family carers.

Find out more about What To Do at

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