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We launch accessible guide for Challenge Cup Final

Community Integrated Care and The Rugby Football League were proud to launch a first-of-its-kind guide for a major sporting event in this country – an ‘Easy Read Guide For The Challenge Cup’, which takes place at Wembley Stadium this Saturday (8 June).

The easy read guide offers easy-to-read information about Saturday’s Men’s and Women’s finals, with clear and concise text and imagery suitable for all audiences.

The guide can be downloaded here: Easy Read Guide To Challenge Cup Final and Rugby League

It’s been co-created by fans with learning disabilities and who themselves access care and support daily – Community Integrated Care’s ‘Support Squad’, whose role is to help organisations reach their inclusivity potential.

With guidance from the Rugby Football League (RFL), group members have combined lived experience of a learning disability with their knowledge and love of Rugby League to produce design a resource that aids communication, accessibility and understanding for newcomers to the game.

Lewis Webster, Sports Inclusion Communications Manager at Community Integrated Care, says: “The Challenge Cup finals are not only a huge moment for the sport, but a showcase opportunity to bring new fans to the game from all backgrounds. This exceptional, inclusive resource has been specially designed to help make Rugby League and the finals easier to understand, ensuring that this game is for everyone.

“I’d like to thank the RFL for valuing this work and for their support in providing the platform for people who access care and support to share their skills, and to the co-creators for their dedication and commitment to producing a fantastic guide that will empower its readers to enjoy this brilliant sport.”

Many ‘Support Squad’ members express their passion for Rugby League by watching their favourite teams and representing them, by playing in the Community Integrated Care Learning Disability Super League. These experiences ensure that rules of the sport within the guide are presented clearly for people of all abilities to enjoy the game.

Matt Price, who helped co-create and assess the guide, adds: “I really enjoy being part of the Support Squad, as it means I get to help organisations and sports to be more inclusive for all through creating documents like this. Developing the guide with people we support has been a lot of fun, and means that more people with learning disabilities can discover the sport I love.

“The guide gives a great insight into this historic cup competition and what will be on the line at Wembley, which creates excitement and an improved understanding for all.”

Ben Abberstein, RFL Senior EDI Partner, said: “We are delighted to be able to launch the Easy Read Guide to the Challenge Cup Finals, enabling more people to access and enjoy Rugby League’s showpiece event. We are hugely appreciative of Community Integrated Care and their Support Squad for producing this guide and ensuring it will be as successful as possible in being understood by the target audience. Ultimately, it aims to reduce anxieties associated with text-heavy documents and introduce more people to the game.”

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