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Jim Kane responds to the result of the General Election

Extending the charity’s congratulations to the new Labour government, Jim Kane, Chief Executive Officer at Community Integrated Care, says:

“Today’s result represents not only a significant shift in the UK’s political landscape but also the potential for a new future for the social care sector too.

The Labour Party’s manifesto shares a commitment to social care of ‘ensuring that everyone lives an independent, prosperous life’. Throughout their time in opposition, the Party has demonstrated real commitment to exploring the challenges faced by people who work in and draw on social care and the opportunities to address them.

Now, with this overwhelming majority, they have the impetus and mandate to deliver the progressive reform that they have promised. We recognise the challenges facing the new government in terms of economic growth, financial constraints, and demand and need in other areas of society. We understand that there will not be an overnight fix.

However, the social care sector is ready and waiting to collaborate, co-produce and innovate. We know that together we can support a better health and social care sector that enables quality of life, shapes closer communities, and contributes to economic productivity. We hope that all parties now work together to harness this once in a generation opportunity to create a sustainable solution for the future of our sector.”

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