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We join ‘Upfront About Social Work’ podcast

We are delighted to be featured in the latest episode of Social Personnel’s podcast, ‘Upfront About Social Work’ to share our landmark report, ‘Unfair to Care’.

‘Upfront About Social Work’ launched in March 2019 to provide a platform for colleagues in social care to tell real life stories from the frontline. The podcast sees hosts, Chris and Lawrence, invite guest speakers from across the sector to talk about their experiences, the challenges they face, and share advice and insights for people who are new to social care.

Our CEO, Mark Adams, joins them in their latest episode to discuss our ground-breaking ‘Unfair to Care’ report, and raise awareness on the effects of unfair pay and lack of appreciation for social care workers. He also calls on local and national governments, offering his insight on how they could turn things around to improve social care and reverse years of underfunding, overshadowing and under-caring for social care workers.

Listen now to our CEO, Mark Adams, on the Upfront About Social Care Podcast.During the podcast, Mark Adams, CEO of Community Integrated Care, said:

“We really need to look at a root and branch review of social care, how it’s structured, how it’s funded. Local authorities have their hands tied and don’t have the funding to pay what is necessary or even to meet the true demand of what goes on in our communities, let alone pay people what they should be earning for the job. The central government really has to step up.”

Listen to the full podcast episode and find out more, here. You can also find and listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

Our ‘Unfair To Care’ report is the first ever independent analysis of the frontline Support Worker role. The report provides crucial evidence that frontline carers are undervalued by as much as 39%, which is nearly £7,000 per year, in comparison to equivalent positions in other public funded sectors.

The landmark report has prompted calls from members of the public for the Government to provide an immediate and fair pay rise to social care workers and deliver a robust social care sector people plan, which ensures long-term parity of pay with other public funded sectors.

Find out more about how you can join in and support ‘Unfair to Care’ and download the full report today at:

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