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We join forces with British Taekwondo

We teamed up with Manchester 2023 World Taekwondo Grand Prix Final to explore best practice in event accessibility and deliver life changing opportunities for people who draw on social care.

From forming a dance squad delivering a Taekwondo-inspired performance to a packed crowd, to providing media training that has seen people who have learning disabilities create professional promotional videos, the talents of people who access care and support have been enabled and celebrated at this world-class event.

The programme created transformative moments for more than 40 people from Manchester and the North West who draw on social care in the region.

At the event, people who have learning disabilities enjoyed volunteering placements as official tournament photographers whilst local care groups designed gifts that were presented on the podium to medallists. The partnership has created hope, skills, and social connection for many.

This work is delivered as part of Community Integrated Care’s ground-breaking Inclusive Volunteering® programme, which aims to build the independence, confidence and friendships of people who access social care through delivering innovative training, experiences, and vocational placements with major events.

The programme was recently named the Best Community Programme at the 2023 Sports Business Awards.

The partnership is underpinned by a wider collaboration to help deliver the most inclusive and welcoming event possible. With Community Integrated Care providing training, resources and consultancy led by people who have lived experiences of disability, the event delivery team from British Taekwondo have explored new ways to support a more accessible event.

From providing complimentary aids that can support people who might struggle with the sensory experience of a live sporting event, to providing an accessibility overview that responds to the key questions of people who access care and their support networks, the team have found simple but effective solutions that will create better experiences for all.

This programme has been supported by UK Sport and the British Paralympic Association.

Tauseef Iqbal, who is supported by Community Integrated Care in Manchester, says: “This has been incredible. I have had the chance to try lots of new things and to discover new skills. I have enjoyed taking part in Taekwondo classes and doing exciting things, like starring as a TV presenter in a video that will be shown at the event. It is brilliant that this event will be even more accessible and inclusive because of this project. Watching sporting events is so exciting and everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the fun.”

Annie Rogan, Disability Officer at British Taekwondo says: “Sport has the power to change lives, creating memorable moments and improving both mental and physical wellbeing. We believe wholeheartedly that everyone should benefit no matter their background or ability, so we are delighted to be partnering with Community Integrated Care to ensure the World Taekwondo Grand Prix final is as inclusive and accessible as possible.”

“Not only will our partnership enable local people who access care to discover vital new opportunities, it will also bring something special to our spectator and athlete experiences too. We can’t wait to welcome their amazing volunteers as they help us host an unforgettable event.”

John Hughes, Director of Partnerships and Communities at Community Integrated Care, says: “We have been honoured to work with British Taekwondo to support a more accessible, inclusive, and impactful event. As a charity that supports thousands of people locally and nationally, we see the barriers that too many people face in being included in and accessing what should be everyday experiences, like attending sporting events.”

“We commend the passion that the team at British Taekwondo have shown for exploring these lived experiences and identifying how their event can be made more accessible and inclusive. The programmes that they are supporting are enabling people to live their dreams, develop skills for life and achieve goals that can transform confidence and aspirations. This is a life-changing programme that will make a difference to many.”


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