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We feature on BBC Radio Manchester

On Wednesday 15th May, Tauseef Iqbal, a person we support in the North West, joined Sharon Paul, Service Leader at York House in Stockport, and our Chief Executive Officer, Jim Kane, in a special social care feature on BBC Radio Manchester.

Tauseef, Sharon and Jim at BBC Radio Manchester being interviewed by Mike Sweeney.Interviewed by presenter, Mike Sweeney, they shared insights into what life is like for people who work in and access social care.

Tauseef kicked off the interview, sharing some of his greatest achievements over the past 12 months, including volunteering at the World Gymnastics Championships as part of our Inclusive Volunteering®️ Programme and speaking in Parliament as part of our Unfair To Care campaign.

Providing insight into Tauseef’s accomplishments and how the team have supported him, Sharon expressed just how incredible and rewarding a career in social care can be and the impact that Support Workers can have on people’s lives.

Rounding off the feature, Jim discussed our Unfair To Care campaign, and highlighted the need for greater reward and recognition for our social care workforce.

He said, “We have an amazing workforce who go above and beyond on a daily basis. The role they undertake is phenomenally skilled – we’ve currently got over 255 pieces of training. We need to value them the way they deserve to be valued.”

Listen to the full interview on BBC Sounds here.

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