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Unprecedented Award Success!

It’s awards time again and we’re delighted to reveal that our unrivalled success is showing no signs of slowing down!

This year we have been shortlisted for a fantastic 35 care sector awards – that’s 8 more than our unprecedented haul last year!

From frontline carers, to our senior management team, colleagues from across the country have been recognised for their professional achievements!

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing you to all of our incredible finalists, so look out for familiar faces in from your regions. But for now, please join us in saying a big WELL DONE to our amazing nominees….

Great North West Care Awards

  • Community Integrated Care – Care Employer Award
  • Cath Murray-Howard – Care Innovator
  • Jacqui Moran  – Worcester Drive/Buckingham Road – The Putting People First Award
  • Graham Birkett – Frontline Leader Award
  • Leahanne Sharkey – EachStep Blackley – Dementia Carer Award
  • Neil Matthewman – Outstanding Contribution to Social Care

Great Yorkshire Humberside Care Awards

  • Robert McIntyre – Pinfold Lane – Care Home Worker Award
  • Doreen Holmes – Broad Lane – Outstanding Contribution to Social Care

Great East Midlands Care Awards

  • Adam Wells – Putting People First Award
  • Oliver Street Team – Care Team Award
  • Cortney Henry – Gilmorton – Care Home Worker Award
  • Emma Oaks – Abby Meadows – Care Newcomer Award

Great North East Care Awards

  • Kevin Hudson – Tyne & Wear Enablement – Frontline Leader Award
  • Margaret Fairrie – Dean View Villas – Nutrition and Hydration Award
  • Lauren Kinsey – Muirs Court – Care Home Worker Award
  • Malcolm Pugh –Stockton Homecare – Home Care Worker Award
  • Gemma Atherton – Cheshire Avenue – Care Newcomer Award
  • Joy Elliot – Carlingwark Care Home – Nutrition and Hydration Award
  • Leonie Mooney – Wauchope – Dignity In Care Award
  • Spencers Villa Team – Care Team Award
  • Mandy Kennedy – Carlingwark Care Home – Care Home Activity Organiser Award
  • Rebecca Drysdale – Carlingwark Care Home – The Ancillary Worker Award
  • Community Integrated Care’s Peer Reviewer Project – Putting People First Award

3rd Sector Care Awards

  • Neil Matthewman – Leadership Award
  • Jacqui Moran – Worcester Drive/Buckingham Road – Compassion Award

 National Dementia Awards

  • Carlingwark Care Home – Continence Care
  • Phil Benson & Danielle Andrews – EachStep Blackley – Ken Holt Memorial Award
  • Ian Forbes – EachStep Blackley – Dementia Care Trainee

National Care Awards

  • Neil Matthewman – Care Leadership
  • Jacqui Moran – Worcester Drive/Buckingham Road – Special Needs Manager
  • Phil Benson – EachStep Blackley – Care Registered Nurse
  • Thorney Croft Care Home – Green Care Home Award

Scottish Care Awards

  • Kelly Henderson – Care Home Worker Award
  • Joy Elliot – Nutrition and Hydration Award 
  • Archie Potts – Volunteer Award

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