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Unfair To Care shortlisted at 3rd sector awards

Community Integrated Care’s Unfair to Care campaign has been shortlisted for a prestigious accolade at the Markel 3rd Sector Care Awards, taking place today (15th March).

Organised by Care Management Matters (CMM) and established in 2014, the awards exist to ‘reward the hard work, dedication and excellence of everyone working in the not-for-profit sector’ – including charities supporting young people and adults.

Our charity’s Unfair to Care campaign first began in July 2021, when we launched our first Unfair to Care report. Sharing an independent analysis of the frontline Support Worker role, it revealed that frontline social care workers’ roles are not ‘low-skilled’, and their pay is undervalued by as much as 39% in comparison to peers in other public-funded industries.

In December 2022, our follow-up Unfair to Care report was released. Providing updated statistics on the pay disparity between Support Workers and other equivalent roles, the campaign as a whole has raised awareness around the challenges social care is facing – garnering the attention of key politicians and national and regional news.

Recognising the campaign’s incredible influence and bold cause, Unfair to Care has been shortlisted for the Campaigning for Change Award, which acknowledges a person or an organisation that is campaigning to raise awareness – either to change the status quo, or rally public interest and further funding.

On this fantastic news, Community Integrated Care’s Director of Communications and Engagement, Danielle Chan, shared: “We’re delighted to receive the news that Unfair to Care has once again been shortlisted for the Campaigning for Change Award at the Markel 3rd Sector Care Awards.”

“With Unfair to Care, we want to take a stand for our sector and challenge the unjust deal that those working in social care face, both in terms of pay and the misconception that social care is a ‘low-skilled’ profession.”

“Since we launched our first report in 2021, we’ve been delighted to see the campaign take root and have such a wide impact and reach. As we look ahead to 2024 – with the third instalment of our report due ahead of the General Election, we hope that the campaign can continue to influence our political leaders, and create real change, for those who work in, draw on and deliver social care.”

Click here to find out more about Unfair to Care.

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