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‘Unfair to Care’ reaches over 54 million people

Since the launch of our ground-breaking report, ‘Unfair to Care’, on Friday 9th July, the media coverage about the campaign has reached over 54 million people across the nation to raise awareness on the unfair pay gap in the social care sector.

‘Unfair To Care’ , is the first ever independent analysis of the frontline Support Worker role. The report provides in-depth evidence that frontline carers receive an unjust deal in comparison to other public funded industries, undervalued by as much as 39% – nearly £7,000 per year – in comparison to their peers in equivalent positions in other public funded sectors.

On the day of the launch, ‘Unfair to Care’ was featured hourly on BBC News from 6am, with special features on BBC Breakfast, News at 6 and the 10 o’clock broadcast. In addition, in the following days it was showcased in key segments on BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Leicester and BBC Radio Manchester.

Over the next week, the report was featured in national and regional news outlets, and within care sector publications, gaining a media reach of 52 million people.

Many organisations and individuals also took to social media to share the report, which in total reached over 2.4 million people across our social media channels. This included responses from fellow charities, MPs and local councillors, showing their support for much needed reform and change in the social care sector.

Mark Adams, CEO of Community Integrated Care, said:

“The response that we have had to ‘Unfair to Care’ has been incredible and we are grateful to everyone who has liked, shared and voiced their support – not only for the report but also for our valuable support workers in the care sector, who deserve so much better.

“This research provides solid evidence of the social care pay gap, which the Government cannot ignore. We hope that ‘Unfair to Care’ will be the first step to overcoming this challenge and achieving the funding that the care sector workforce deserves.”

The landmark report has prompted calls from members of the public for the Government to provide an immediate and fair pay rise to social care workers and deliver a robust social care sector people plan, which ensures long-term parity of pay with other public funded sectors.

Find out more about how you can join in and support ‘Unfair to Care’ and download the full report today at:

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