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Trustees Visit Services in Scotland

Yesterday, some of our colleagues and the people we support in Scotland were delighted to receive a visit from members of our Board of Trustees!

Accompanied by Managing Director for our Scotland region, Sara Murphy, our Trustees, Janet Ryan and Shaun Gallagher, had the pleasure of visiting our Glasgow office and two of our services in Clackmannanshire.

Beginning in Glasgow, both Trustees met with our leadership team, to learn more about the fabulous work our colleagues are doing and enjoy their lunch together.

Then, at our Baingle Brae service, Trustees Janet and Shaun met a person we support called Jackie, alongside her support team. While at Brook Street, Trustees met another woman we support, named Candy, and two colleagues who recently joined the service.

Both visits provided an incredible opportunity for our Trustees to experience a day in the life of our people, and witness the amazing support being provided first-hand. We’re thrilled to have had this opportunity to introduce our Trustees to some of the people we support and show how our colleagues are delivering the Best Lives Possible.

Managing Director, Sara Murphy, said of the visit: “We’re really happy to have had the chance to show our Trustees around our services in Scotland this week!”

“We all felt it was a really great day, which demonstrated how the amazing support offered by our colleagues is enhancing people’s lives. Throughout the day, it was clear to see just how happy and settled people were in their homes, and it was great to chat with our Trustees in person. We all had a fantastic time, so I’d like to say a big thank you to both Trustees for the visit, as well as our colleagues and the people we support for spending this special time with us.”

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