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Teresa Exelby presents at PPA Festival

Today (19th May 2022), Community Integrated Care’s Chief People Officer, Teresa Exelby, will present at The PPA Festival – a prestigious publishing industry event.

Featuring five stages, 80 speakers and 30 sessions, The PPA Festival has four main aims – to share learnings, spark ideas, fuel growth and drive innovation.

With additional focus on Content, People, Product and Audience, the event brings together over 500 professionals with interests in business media each year.

Teresa at PPA Festival

This year, Teresa will speak on the panel ‘Jobs For Gen Z: New roles, new skills, new thinking’. This panel discussion will explore key topics around workforce, recruitment, and retention- providing valuable insights on the next generation of workers and encouraging knowledge and idea sharing across multiple sectors. It will endeavour to discuss what skills businesses should acquire today to position themselves tomorrow, as well as how employers can utilise the skills and expectations of Gen Z as they enter the workforce.

Also featuring on the panel, representing his role as Director of Organisation and People Capability at Entain, will be our Trustee, Jay Muthu.

The panel will take place at 11:30 – 12:15 pm today on the People stage, within the venue for the event, Tobacco Dock in London. Find out more about the event here.

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