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Taking Charge to feature in sector webinar

Community Integrated Care is delighted to join ARC and Learning Disability England to present our innovative Taking Charge campaign in their ‘Every Penny Counts’ webinar this Friday 27th January at 10am.

Hosted by Learning Disability England, ‘Every Penny Counts’ is a free webinar that aims to support people with learning disabilities and autism to manage the cost of living crisis.

Joining the session, speakers from Community Integrated Care will share top tips on how people can save money on energy bills this winter, as well as the free resources available via

Find out more and sign up to the webinar here.

Created by our charity’s Partnerships and Communities team, Taking Charge is open has been designed specially to support those accessing and working in social care, to minimise the impact of the growing energy crisis.

Offering engaging videos, and a suite of accessible education resources, it gives people essential advice to save hundreds of pounds on their bills this year.

The campaign is led by Oliver Thomason, who has a learning disability and is employed by our charity as an Inclusion Coordinator. It offers a unique and inclusive approach to education, which is engaging for many people who have learning disabilities and require adapted information.

Marcella Rick, Partnerships and Communities Development Specialist at Community Integrated Care, will be presenting Taking Charge at the ‘Every penny counts’ webinar.

She said, “The cost of living crisis is having a huge impact on people across the country. This can be even more detrimental to people living with disabilities, particularly when it comes to energy bills, with lots of people needing to use things like assistive technologies or even just needing to spend more time indoors. We’re passionate about helping people navigate through the cost of living crisis, so that they can make savings and spend their money on things that will bring joy to their lives.”

She continued, “I’m really excited to share Taking Charge with even more people, particularly Oliver’s videos – which I’m sure will be the star of the show. With our campaign showing ways that most households can reduce their energy bills by up to 23% by simply reducing wasted energy,  I hope that people come out of the webinar feeling inspired, informed and reassured on how they could make great savings on their bills.”

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