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Supporting People to Vote – General Election 2015

Community Integrated Care’s Peer Reviewers have developed a special publication, sharing with people who work in the social care sector their advice on how to support people to participate and vote in the 2015 General Election. This guide has been given to colleagues from across our charity, shared with our partners and is also available to download for free from our website (below).

Peer Reviewers are people who are supported by Community Integrated Care, who are also employed by our charity too, with the important role of assessing the quality of life that people lead in our services. The guide was produced by Leicester based Reviewers, Heidi, Jamie and Sushma.

The guide was developed at a fun and creative workshop where our Reviewers discussed how politics affects their lives and how people can be enabled to vote. It gives creative and easy to adopt guidance on supporting people with a range of needs to take part in the election, if they wish.

Download our free supporting people to vote guide (PDF – 3mb)


Watch our Peer Reviewers discuss politics and supporting people to vote their workshop:

We hope this guide encourages and enables many people who have learning disabilities, mental health concerns, autism and dementia to take part in the General Election.

To join in our Twitter discussion on supporting people to vote, tweet us at: or use the hashtag #PromotingOurVoting

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