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Sue McLean gives ‘Thought Leader’ interview

Sue McLean, Community Integrated Care’s Director of Quality and Standards, has shared her insight from developing our groundbreaking ‘EachStep’ model of dementia care, in an interview  with popular website ‘News-Medical’.

Sue McLean gives ‘Thought Leader’ interviewSue was interviewed as part of the website’s regular ‘Thought Leaders’ feature, a series of interviews focussed on showcasing ‘insight from the world’s leading experts’ in their field.

News-Medical is recognised as being one of the UK’s leading health care and medical news websites, attracting features and news from individuals and organisations working at the forefront of the sector.

In the extensive interview, Sue discusses the support needed by people with dementia, the issues faced by traditional, non-specialist, dementia care services, and how our EachStep model overcomes these.

Sue passionately advocates for genuine person-centred care, saying: “People with dementia want the same things that we all do: to have a sense of identity, to live with comfort, to feel loved and to enjoy a purposeful life, filled with meaningful activity – good dementia care should support these aspirations to be realised.”

She also champions the need for care providers to focus on developing integrated dementia care services, the benefits of understanding and applying dementia research, and how dementia care services need to become more enabling, ending “the all-too prevalent culture of support which sees staff doing things for individuals with dementia rather than with them.”

Sue goes on to describe the many innovations of our EachStep model, explaining how it, “draws upon the latest research in dementia care, the insight of our academic and carer group partners, and our charity’s own in-depth understanding of the condition and the care sector, to create a service that fulfills the aspirations of the National Dementia Strategy.”

Click here to read the full interview.


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