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Sharing Insights with Skills for Care

Community Integrated Care is proud to have worked with Skills for Care – the strategic body for workforce development in Adult Social Care – to share our charity’s insights on engaging with frontline colleagues around the Covid-19 vaccine.

Earlier this month, Danielle Chan, Head of Communications and Engagement, was interviewed by Skills for Care. During this session Danielle shared more about the approaches and tactics we used to communicate with our 6000-strong workforce and how we’re planning for the impact of the Government’s decision to make vaccines mandatory for those working in registered care homes.

In the case study, Danielle said, “The initial reaction from colleagues was very much reflective of the response from across society; the vast majority of people welcomed the vaccine and felt privileged to be amongst the first people in the country to access it, but a small proportion of people were more cautious and were looking for further information and answers.

“For the Community Integrated Care team, providing as much information and education about the vaccine has been a crucial step in encouraging uptake. The most important factors across everything we have done have been providing independent information, utilising expert knowledge, and being honest and upfront with our staff.”

The case study also explores other key topics including:

  •  Our charity’s Covid-response team and their role throughout the crisis
  • The development of our own online ‘Coronavirus Hub’
  • The tools and tactics we used to provide information and education to encourage uptake
  • Our multi-channel approach
  • Partnership working between Communications, Operations and Data teams
  • How we’ve shared our work and learnt from others
  • Our advice to other employers on how to encourage uptake of the vaccination

Speaking about our invitation to be part of the case study, Danielle says:

“Partnership working with our sector colleagues is hugely important to us, so we were delighted to be approached by Skills for Care to share our learning around the roll-out.

“It goes without saying that it has been an incredibly challenging 18 months for everyone within social care and throughout this time, we’ve been committed to our guiding ethos of honest, transparent and reassuring communication with colleagues – and that was no different when it came to talking about the vaccine.

“We’ve encouraged an open dialogue, been happy to provide information, answers and independent guidance, and held to our values of respect with everyone, on what has been a personal and sensitive topic for some.”

Read the full case study and find out more here.

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