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Quality of Life workshop from ‘Changing Our Lives’

Community Integrated Care was this week proud to meet with rights-based organisation Changing Our Lives, who delivered an insightful and inspiring workshop on Quality of Life Standards.

Changing Our Lives SessionChanging Our Lives, represented by Jayne Leeson and Siraaj Nadat, aim to support people with disabilities to stand up for their rights and control their own lives.

The motivational and energetic session with Community Integrated Care’s Quality team explained how the Quality of Life Standards should be used when establishing outcomes for the people we support, to enable anyone with a disability to be respected and treated like any other member of society.

The session concluded with some positive actions in place, including the implementation of ‘Quality Checkers’, a team of people supported by Community Integrated Care, who will be trained by Changing Our Lives to ensure that those who receive support live full and positive lives.

Shelagh Murphy, Quality Improvement Manager at Community Integrated Care, says: “Delivering services that are built around the needs and wishes of the people we support is something that we constantly strive to do.”

“This inspirational session really helped to embed a set of standards that we can all work towards to provide a higher standard of support. “

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