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Peer Reviewers share best practice with Bromley Council

Community Integrated Care’s award-winning Peer Reviewers have shared their best practice with Bromley Council, who were awed by the project’s impact after seeing it featured at a national conference.

Bromley Quality CheckersFollowing the Lemos & Crane ‘Adults with learning disabilities living in the community’ Conference in November last year, Quality Improvement Lead Gary Dixon was contacted by Lisa Watkins at Bromley. At the conference, Community Integrated Care’s Deputy Chief Executive Cath Murray-Howard introduced delegates to the project, and detailed the team’s incredible impact so far – which resounded with Lisa in particular, who oversees Bromley Council’s Quality Checker Team.

With plenty of shared vision and ambitions, the two teams met up to discuss and learn from one another. Our Peer Reviewers shared their views on how to conduct an audit with the Quality Checkers, and discussed what things worked well and what didn’t, along with barriers they encountered. 

They also spoke at length about their own experiences of accessing support, focussing on the importance of people being involved in their own support and feeling empowered to challenge when they’re not satisfied.

Gary Dixon, Quality Improvement Lead, said: “This meeting was a great opportunity for our Peer Reviewers to network with people in similar roles from other organisations – I know that both teams took away knowledge and best practice advice that they will take forward in their roles in future.”

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