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Our Team Experience Dementia Simulator

Yesterday, our Leadership Team and Older People’s Services Team were honoured to take part in an innovative dementia simulator experience, which highlighted the experience of a person living with the condition.

Dementia Simulator  The unique and emotional sensory experience put our teams in the shoes of a person living with dementia, and the experience they face each day. 

The simulator was provided by Training2Care, a specialist training provider who offer real-life experiences to help staff teams understand the reality of living with autism, dementia and other support needs.

Eccleston Court Service Manager, Collette Gough, shared her thoughts following the experience: “It was a really emotional thing to be a part of, and gave us a completely new perspective on how it feels and the impact we can have as a staff team.

“It was challenging, thought-provoking and has given me a completely new level of empathy that I will now take forward.”

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