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Our CEO responds to the Spring Budget

Responding to this week’s Spring Budget announcement, Community Integrated Care’s CEO, Jim Kane, said:-

“The Spring Budget’s silence on social care comes as no shock but is still hugely disappointing for everyone in our sector. As our colleagues grapple with the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, and we face unprecedented challenges in recruitment and retention, more needs to be done to support the system, that is a lifeline for millions across the country.

Whilst we welcome the increased availability of funded childcare and the opportunities this will open up for people to return to work and explore jobs in social care, the budget fails to address the deeper roots of the crisis we currently face. This is yet again, incredibly disheartening for those drawing upon social care and working within it.

The many talented and highly skilled people working within our sector, who all have an incredible amount of passion for their role and for the people they support, are having to face impossible circumstances, retaining a career that they love whilst also paying their bills. They deserve better.

Social care is a sector with so much value and the ability to make a real difference to peoples’ lives. The failure to acknowledge the support that we so desperately need hinders our growth and potential. It not only impacts our dedicated workforce and people who draw upon support, but society and public services at large.

We implore the Government to act now and provide the support that is needed so that social care can indeed build back better and flourish.”

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