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Modibodi donation is “life changing”

Modibodi, the leading brand in incontinence and period underwear, has donated a significant number of products to Community Integrated Care, promoting the comfort and happiness of hundreds of people we support.

Modibodi products, which include specialist knickers and underwear, enable the wearer to feel more confident in managing their incontinence or menstruation needs. This is particularly important for people who access care and support, in promoting comfort, dignity and independence.

Hundreds of people in our charity now benefit from these garments thanks to this significant corporate donation.

Victoria Martin, Head of Practice Design at Community Integrated Care, said of the donation:

“We are very grateful to Modibodi for this very generous donation. The products help the women we support to be more independent. They promote their dignity, reduce anxiety and improve overall quality of life. The donation is a game-changer, as it enables people to have greater control and to feel empowered.”

“These garments are comfortable, fashionable and high quality. For our charity to be given a such a substantial donation of life-changing products like these is incredible.”

This donation has had an even bigger impact than just benefits for the people receiving the products. Community Integrated Care has created a new paid role for a person we support – Simon, who is supported by our Vocational Support Service, is helping to package and arrange distribution of these items across the UK in his new role.

John Hughes, Director of Partnerships and Communities for Community Integrated Care, said:

“This donation is another example of the life-changing impact that companies can make when they partner with our charity. Modibodi’s fantastic donation will enable the women we support to live as independently as possible, and this will have an impact across all aspects of their lives. We are very grateful to Modibodi for their kindness and vision in supporting this donation.

“We encourage other organisations that wish to make a difference to get in touch. With the size and quality of our charity, Community Integrated Care offers an exceptional platform for businesses and groups that want to make a difference through donating funds, skills or products.”

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