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Mayor of Hartlepool celebrates Care Home Open Day

Charlotte Grange Care Home in Hartlepool, part of national social care charity Community Integrated Care, was delighted to welcome Mayor of Hartlepool, Cllr Brenda Loynes and her husband Den to the home as part of Care Home Open Day.

Care Home Open Day, now in its 7th year, is a national event which encourages care homes to open their doors to celebrate different themes each year, with a few key values at its heart: friendship, making connections and celebrating older and vulnerable people.

As part of their open day the home held activities on all week in preparation for the day. Residents joined in the preparations, making paper mâché for the children from Ward Jackson Primary School to paint and make into a solar system during their visit on the day. Resident Joseph Lakey, who enjoys gardening was out the front of the home on the morning and took great delight tidying the plant pots and replanting plants as necessary.  A support worker had volunteered to make a selection of cakes for everyone to enjoy in the afternoon. Tables were set out in the main lounge area with different activities for everyone to enjoy, including the painting for our solar system. Prior to the open day the residents were asked to give a quote about what they like about living in Charlotte Grange these were typed up and printed out to be decorated during the afternoon and placed on tables for visitors to read.

Mayor of Hartlepool, Cllr Brenda Loynes and her husband Den visited, enjoying a tour of the home to look at the refurbishment work recently completed at the home, meet and chat with volunteer student Olivia who has painted three walls in our home as part of her art project as well as chatting and enjoying afternoon tea with the lovely residents. Families and visitors joined in with the activities.

Local MP Mike Hill also came to visit and was shown around the home where he was very impressed with all the work that had been done. Both the Mayor and the MP were introduced to the new Activity Co-ordinator that has just started within the home and got a chance to ask about upcoming events and what we have done with the resident so far.

Wendy Nicholson, Service Manager at Charlotte Grange Care Home said

“Residents were delighted to get involved in all the preparation work for Care Home Open Day. They love the children from Ward Jackson Primary School visiting and were delighted to make the paper mâché for them. It was lovely that the Mayor of Hartlepool, Cllr Brenda Loynes, was able to join us on Care Home Open Day.”

Alison Tait, Chief Operating Officer for Community Integrated Care said

“We are delighted that the Mayor of Hartlepool, Cllr Brenda Loynes, her husband Den and local MP Mike Hill joined us as part of Care Home Open Day to see the great work and support within our homes every day. Community Integrated Care encourage all homes to support and get involved in initiatives and events in the local community and Care Home Open Day provides a wonderful opportunity for the local community to visit a care home and build friendships with residents. A wonderful day was had by all.”

Charlotte Grange Care Home are also celebrating achieving a 9.5 rating on the sector’s leading care home comparison website This high rating puts Charlotte Grange as one of the very best care homes in the local area.

To find out more about the home call Wendy Nicholson, Service Manager on 01429 8603

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