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Martin’s Top Tips for a Great Care Employer

Martin McGuigan, Community Integrated Care’s Director of Innovation, will be taking the spotlight this weekend, as he joins us at the Great North West Care Awards where we’re shortlisted in six categories, including the Care Employer Award!

Community Integrated Care was proud to win this prestigious accolade at last year’s ceremony, and fingers crossed we’ll come away with it again this year. We’ve caught up with Martin, who represented the organisation at the judging interview for the award.

Here, Martin shares with us his Top Tips for being the best Care Employer…

Keep the people we support at the absolute heart of everything we do.

Make sure they have a voice in the organisation, and that they decide what works for them. We’ve recently launched our Peer Reviewer Project, which has seen people supported by Community Integrated Care become paid employees, whose role is to assess the quality of the service we provide. As the people who use our services, their insights are second-to-none. 

Invest in and celebrate your staff.

Support them in their professional development and create career paths. Promote their good work, as they’re too often the unsung heroes of this sector. Care Awards are a fantastic way of showing the sector how great our people are, and success has an immeasurable impact on their confidence in what they do.

As leaders, we must be visible and bring our whole self to work.

We expect our staff to do so, so we must too. Showing our people that we care about their work, that we’re passionate about what we do – that’s what people get behind. Being professional doesn’t mean being distant. 

Don’t be afraid to challenge.

Benchmark your services, have innovation at the centre of your mind, and embrace positive change.

Remember that one size does not fit all.

We must offer our professional partners and the people we support a flexible, tailored service that meets their needs.

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