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CEO, featured on BBC Radio Merseyside

Community Integrated Care’s CEO, Mark Adams, was last week invited to be interviewed live on BBC Radio Merseyside, discussing the government’s handling of Coronavirus in the care sector. 

Mark was interviewed about a piece he wrote earlier in the week which was featured in the Sunday People newspaper on Sunday 24th May. In the interview, Mark discussed the current challenges facing social care, including the increasing costs of PPE and the funding of the sector itself.

In the interview Mark said, “There’s 1.2 million people working for the NHS, but there’s nearly 2 million people working in social care doing a highly skilled job and have been incredibly brave in this crisis – we need to make sure they are commended for being part of our health and social care system.”

When Mark was asked how he thought social care would change post Covid-19, he commented, “I’d like to see sufficient political pressure, where we end up with a national governing body. Social care tends to get kicked down to local authority responsibility, and with their budgets being cut, the obvious conclusion is social care faces cuts. I hope that we get some form of central regulatory body, that sets out what should be delivered in social care, who gets it and what people get paid for doing it, and really professionalise the whole sector and how it’s regarded.”

You can listen to the full interview here:

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