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Managers come together for Strategy Day

Community Integrated Care brought April to a close by bringing together all of the organisation’s senior managers for a Strategy Day in York, with the aim of sharing the achievements from the first year of its Five Year Strategy.

Highlights included the launch of several high-profile projects in line with the charity’s ‘Big Change’ Programme, their ambitious plan for development and investment; and showcases of each region’s successes from the last 12 months, such as deregistration of services and profile raising activities.

Community Integrated Care was also thrilled to welcome Saraj and Lucy from Changing Our Lives – a user-led organisation for people with learning disabilities, advocating for better standards across the care sector. Saraj and Lucy delivered an exceptionally powerful presentation outlining the fundamental things care providers should all be doing, if we are to be truly person-centered.

The duo’s words really struck a chord with staff, resulting in each region coming up with their own Changing our Lives ‘Pledge’ – a promise of one thing they will change in their regions to improve the services they deliver. Saraj and Lucy will be back in three months to check whether our pledges have been put into action!

Perhaps the greatest highlight of the meeting was welcoming to the stage people supported by our charity, to share first-hand their experiences of how we have helped them to have a voice within our organisation.

Mick Potter from Marston Gardens in Liverpool and Keith Cookson, Philip Worn and John Nolan, from the Rievaulx Centre in Billingham, all bravely recounted their stories, to rapturous applause – reminding us all why we do the work we do. A huge thank you to all four men for joining us and so honestly and passionately sharing their experiences with us.  

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