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Join our General Election Special on What To Do

On Tuesday 11th June at 2pm, we’ll be hosting an exclusive General Election special on our charity’s online activity platform, What To Do, providing support and guidance for people who draw on social care, and the people who support them, ahead of the 2024 General Election.

Join our free event on what to do and learn more about supporting people to vote in the 2024 General ElectionThe interactive learning experience is free to join and will be hosted by our CEO, Jim Kane, alongside people we support and former Care Minister, Phil Hope.

The event will explore key ways to empower the people we support so that they understand their right to vote and how to take part in the 2024 General Election. It will aim to:

  • Simplify politics and the voting process
  • Make the General Election more accessible
  • Provide tips on supporting people to vote

Find out more and join us at this special event by visiting and accessing the joining link.

If you haven’t already registered to vote in a previous election or referendum, the deadline to register to vote in the General Election is Tuesday 18th June.

You can register yourself or support someone to register by clicking here. You can access an easy read guide on registering someone to vote by clicking here.

If you’re a Carer, Support Worker or family member supporting someone to vote, please also check out our guidance and get involved in our #PromotingOurVoting campaign here.

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