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CEO marks International Day of Care & Support

On Sunday 29th October, our charity marked the very first International Day of Care and Support. Created by the United Nations, this annual event aims to raise awareness of the importance of social care to society, highlighting the need for further investment and recognition of the sector’s workforce.

Jim Kane, Community Integrated Care’s Chief Executive Officer said:

“We’re pleased to see the United Nations recognise the valuable role that care workers play within our society, with the introduction of an International Day of Care and Support. We join them wholeheartedly in their call to world leaders, to acknowledge the value of social care and act accordingly to transform our care economy.

As a social care charity, we experience first-hand the incredible impact that our colleagues have on the lives of people who access care and support. Every day, our teams strive to champion independence, support people to achieve their dreams, and enable more people to live lives of choice and fulfilment in their communities.

However, our sector is still facing a lack of funding and investment, leading to ongoing challenges in recruitment and retention. In 2022, we launched the second instalment of our ground-breaking Unfair To Care report, analysing the pay injustice faced by our frontline colleagues, across social care.

The report gave solid evidence that working in social care is a skilled, complex, and accountable role, which requires rare vocational qualities. However, it also shone a light on the unfair disparity of pay that exists between our frontline support workers and their equivalents in other publicly funded sectors. With a pay gap of 41%, currently a difference of over £8000 a year, it will be at least 23 years – a whole generation – until Support Workers are paid on a par with their NHS equivalents.

As we mark the world’s first International Day of Care and Support, we proudly reflect on the incredible contributions of our colleagues. Their outstanding care, compassion and dedication enriches the lives of so many, and they truly deserve more reward and recognition for the vital work they do. Our commitment to championing our workforce remains stronger than ever and we will continue to urge the Government to invest further and make the changes our social care sector needs and deserves, once and for all.”

You can read more about Community Integrated Care’s Unfair To Care Report at:

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