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James Rule, Widnes Vikings CEO, praises partnership

James Rule - Praise for Community Integrated CareJames Rule, Chief Executive of Widnes Vikings, praised Community Integrated Care’s staff and the people we support in a special message celebrating the first year of our partnership with the rugby league club.

Community Integrated Care has developed possibly the most ambitious partnership between a social care provider and a professional sports club with Widnes Vikings. It has created a host of opportunities and unforgettable moments for people who are part of our charity.

The impact and innovation of our groundbreaking alliance has been recognised with prestigious awards from both the worlds of sport and social care this year, with it winning top honours at the Super League Man of Steel Awards, Rugby League Cares Awards, and 3rd Sector Care Awards.

James Rule – A Message To Community Integrated Care:

“2016 has been a proud year for Widnes Vikings, both on and off the pitch. One of the greatest highlights for me, as well as all of our staff and players, has been the partnership with Community Integrated Care.

James Rule - Widnes Vikings - Rugby League It is incredible to think of how much we have achieved together since this was launched in May 2016. This partnership was shaped and developed by Widnes Vikings and Community Integrated Care working together, looking at how we can best share our talents and make a real difference. I’m very proud to see how all of the ideas that we set out to achieve have been realised, and how it continues to flourish.

It is a great privilege for our club to have the opportunity to help promote health, happiness and opportunity for people you support, and give back to your incredibly dedicated staff, each week.

The Chemics Café, our free dementia support event, is now a highlight to many people living with dementia and their loved ones. It’s been a pleasure to hear how important these sessions are to participants and to know that so many local people benefit from them. 

And of course, there have been lots of incredible events! 100 people from your charity watching a Super League game together, people supported by Community Integrated Care leading our players onto the pitch before a game, the ‘Hep-Tathalon’ accessible sports festival with Hep Cahill, and our surprise visits to your services.

All of these experiences are as special to Widnes Vikings’ colleagues and players as they are to people at Community Integrated Care. Thank you for the warm welcome you have given us and your unending positivity. We’ve enjoyed every moment of working with your special charity and are looking forward to even more success with you in the years ahead.”

James Rule – Widnes Vikings, December 2016

James Rule - Widnes Vikings - Message to charity

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