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Garden transformed at School Close

School Close, a supported living service for adults with physical and learning disabilities in Kirkcudbright, have recently transformed their outdoor space into a garden haven.

School Close is a state-of-the-art care service for adults that offers the people it supports a homely and accessible living environment. The service supports up to 13 people to lead more independent lives in their own purpose-built modern apartments.

When the service opened in 2016, the large outdoor space had not been developed, therefore the dedicated staff team and the people they support embarked on crowdfunding campaign to help raise funds to turn the outdoor area into a relaxing, functional and therapeutic garden. School Close garden transformation

The campaign was a huge success, thanks to the local community in Kirkcudbright and organisations such as Castle MacLellan Foods (part of the Kavli Trust) contributing generous donations of money, materials and even manual labour!

The tranquil garden features raised flowerbeds that are accessible to everyone, a sensory planter and a gazebo. People supported at School Close will now be able to develop their horticulture skills and grow their own produce – enhancing their independence and creativity whilst improving their health and wellbeing.

To celebrate, the garden was officially opened at the weekend by Alison McKie, from large donor Castle MacLellan Foods, with an exciting garden party for colleagues, people supported at School Close and their families.

Heather Birnie, Service Leader for School Close, says, “We’re absolutely delighted with the results of the garden transformation here at School Close, and I’m so proud of the entire staff team for pulling together and taking the initiative in setting up this exciting project.”

She continued, “A huge thank you to everyone who has donated to our cause, with a special thanks going to Castle MacLellan Foods and the Kavli Trust for their sizeable donation, Twynholm SWI, the Tuesday golf ladies in Kirkcudbright, the inner Wheel Club, Kirkcudbright Co-Op, the Rotary Club Kirkcubright – and not forgetting their two trustees who have overseen the entire project, Irene Mitchell and Margo Brown. This garden will completely change the lives of the people we support and we are so thankful.”

Alison McKie, of Castle MacLellan Foods said, “We’re really proud, as part of the charitable Kavli Trust, to be able to support fantastic local good causes, like the School Close garden project which was nominated by Castle MacLellan colleagues.”

She continued, “We’re delighted that through our hard work, we’re able to support projects like this that make a real difference to people’s lives. The transformation of the garden is remarkable and we hope that it’s enjoyed for many years to come.”

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