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Diversity & Inclusion – Our Commitment

Our CEO, Mark Adams, has released this statement on behalf of our Executive Team and Board of Trustees.

“In recent weeks, millions of people around the world have taken a stand to debate, reflect and act upon the toxic issue of racism and prejudice in society.

The Black Lives Matter movement and civil rights campaigns have brought into clear focus the need for us all to challenge ourselves, and each other, to create a society that is fair and equal to all.

Last week, on Black Out Tuesday, the world’s social media stopped to reflect upon these issues. We also paused our usual communications to instead just speak about one matter – the need to oppose racism in all of its forms. We issued a statement of solidarity that we believe captured the founding principles of our charity and the values of our people: that we will always stand with those who champion inclusion, equality and diversity. 

But we know that actions speak louder than words.

That’s why in the past week, we’ve paused to reflect upon whether we are truly doing everything we can as an organisation, or if there are things we need to challenge and do better. Whilst we hope that we are inclusive for all, we need to know that this is the case. It is clear that only through meaningful discussions with colleagues and the people we support that we can answer these crucial questions.

We have started to make this happen.

Our immediate plan:

  • We are tasking all of our GameChangers, our employee representative body, to lead conversations with our 6,000 colleagues and bring their findings back to us. This will be the first step in creating a series of national and regional focus groups to explore the many facets of diversity and inclusion within Community Integrated Care
  • We have created an online space where all colleagues can give us their views on how we are performing as an organisation and where we need to improve. We know that there are many people who, either through their own lived experience or personal passion, will want to share their views with us directly.  This feedback will be used as part of our future discussions.
  • We are also extending this dialogue to the people we support, their loved ones and our partners. Their views are, like those of our colleagues, fundamental to this process.

We are approaching this with an open mind and a genuine intention to educate ourselves and improve our charity.

Finally, we know that for many people, this may feel like a very testing and emotional time. The wellbeing of our colleagues and the people we support is paramount and we are ensuing that the appropriate support is in place for anyone within our family who needs that right now.

We hope that that this moment is a real catalyst for change within our organisation and across the world.”

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