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Dare to Learn goes Live!

Dare to Learn, Community Integrated Care’s new Learning Management System, has now rolled out to the charity’s North West and Older People’s Services after a successful pilot of the system in the North East region. 

Dare to Learn is a new system that will change the way that colleagues learn at Community Integrated Care. It is a one-stop shop, where people can access their E-learning, classroom-based lessons, a list of all the different courses offered and track their training progress.

Over the past two days, over 80 managers within the North West and Older People’s Services have received their Dare to Learn training. Since the first day of training, there has already been 129 log ins, of which 72 were made by Frontline colleagues who have already been given the training by their managers.

Leanne Dillon, Regional Manager in the North West tells us: “It was a really good session this week, we have had lots of positive feedback from the group. Service Leaders have told us that they are really looking forward to using the system.”

She continued, “The community section of the system will be great for us as an organisation to show CQC how we are able to demonstrate how we meet the key lines of enquiry, in particular, being responsive, well-led and caring. It will enable us to show how we involve all levels of the organisation in relation to their own training and enable them to be accountable and responsible for their own training, and also sharing good practice nationwide, not just in geographical areas.”

Over the coming weeks our charity’s Scotland, Central and South regions will be receiving their Dare to Learn training.

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