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Community Integrated Care logo on stage


Community Integrated Care unveils new brand

Community Integrated Care has officially launched its new rebrand, which sees the organisation move from representing itself as ‘CIC Group’, to return to its full name of Community Integrated Care.

Community Integrated Care is one of the UK’s largest charities and this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. The charity supports almost 3000 people across England and Scotland, who have learning disabilities, mental health concerns, autism and age-related needs – such as dementia. It employs over 5000 staff and in 2012 had a turnover of £93 million.

The rebrand follows the charity’s launch of a new five year strategy in August 2013, which has seen it strive to become ‘the UK’s leading health and social care charity’ over the coming half-decade. The change in branding aims to give the charity a more distinct and recognisable visual identity, as well as showcase the ambitious nature of the organisation.

The new brand identity was developed by the charity’s award winning in-house Communications and Marketing team, alongside Salford-based design agency Carbon Creative. As well as returning to the name of ‘Community Integrated Care’, the rebrand has introduced a new tagline for the organisation of ‘People Passion Potential’– three words that were identified in focus groups, held with people who are part of Community Integrated Care, as the unique characteristics of the charity.

Danielle Chan, Communications and Marketing Manager for Community Integrated Care, says: “Our rebrand was an inclusive project, where we drew upon the insight and opinions of many people from all levels our organisation. They told us that Community Integrated Care is set apart by its belief in potential of every person, the pride we have in our staff and the people we support, and our passionate and positive attitude; our new visual identity brings these characteristics to the fore.”

John Hughes, also a Communications and Marketing Manager for the charity, adds: “We are thrilled to launch our new rebrand today. We have worked hard this year to create what we believe is an exciting new identity for our charity. We have sought to celebrate the special qualities of Community Integrated Care and also reflect the ambitious outlook our organisation. Since launching the rebrand, we have already received exceptional feedback from our staff, the people we support and our professional partners.”

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