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Community Integrated Care logo on stage


Community Integrated Care presents at Westminster

Community Integrated Care was delighted to be welcomed to Westminster to present to Norman Lamb MP on our partnership with rights-based organisation Changing our Lives discussing our plans to incorporate the new Quality of Life Standards throughout our organisation.

Deputy CEO Cath Murray-Howard and Quality Improvement Managers Shelagh Murphy and Gary Dixon were joined by our newly-appointed Peer Reviewers, Heidi Neville and James Brooks, who are supported by Community Integrated Care.

The partnership has seen inspiring co-production between Community Integrated Care and Changing our Lives, which focuses on how we can involve the people we support to have a greater voice within our organisation.

Gary Dixon, Quality Improvement Manager, says: “It was wonderful to be given such a wonderful opportunity, and to see the people we support taking such a positive and active role in shaping how we do things.”

“At Community Integrated Care, we are committed to raising the aspirations of the people we support, and ensuring that their views and thoughts are heard and valued – this is a major step in a an exciting and inspiring journey with Changing our Lives.”

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