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Community Integrated Care Pioneers Employee Engagement

This month Community Integrated Care will launch GameChangers, an innovative new Employee Forum programme designed to promote the voice of our 6000 strong workforce, following a sector-leading review of Employee Engagement within our charity.

Game ChangersThe introduction of GameChangers follows the largest piece of employee research in our charity’s 28 year history – which saw a quarter of all of our employees take part. This reviewed all aspects of the employee experience, aiming to identify new ways to create a more connected and collaborative organisation. Delivered in partnership between the our Internal Communications team and external engagement specialists, Gatehouse Group, the research has led to the creation of the organisation’s first dedicated Internal Communication and Engagement Strategy, of which GameChangers is a key part.

The programme will introduce a series of quarterly regional and national employee events, bringing together 70 Employee Representatives from all levels, regions and roles within the organisation, giving them direct access to decision-makers within our charity and the ability to really influence our direction. With full training from ACAS (The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service), Representatives will have the opportunity to regularly review and make collaborative decisions on business matters – from day-to-day issues such as working arrangements, policies and procedures and employee wellbeing, to supporting with organisational decision-making and the strategic direction of the charity.

Danielle Chan, Head of Customer & Stakeholder Engagement, says: “At a time of unprecedented change within the care sector, the focus on colleague engagement is more important than ever before. To become a leading care provider we must have a well-informed, motivated and empowered workforce, who care about the place they work, and the people they work with and for. We must create a culture where people are personally involved in the success of our organisation and because of this are prepared to ‘go the extra mile’ because they care.”

Danielle continues: “This research was all about looking at our internal environment to identify ways people felt we could improve things for them. The top calls for change were clear: colleagues wanted more influence and involvement in the direction of our charity, to be included in decision-making and to feel better listened to. GameChangers will give people all of this and more, so I am really excited to see this innovative new programme launch and show people that we have really responded to what they asked for.”

Kerry Tanfield, Director of Human Resources, says: “Our goal is to make Community Integrated Care the best place to work, so that our services are the best places to live. We know that our real expertise lies within our 6000 incredible colleagues – it’s their passion, understanding and skill that keep our cogs turning. That’s why it’s so important that they have greater influence over the direction of our organisation. I’m looking forward to seeing how through GameChangers, staff at all levels, will help us to shape the future of our charity for years to come.”

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