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Community Integrated Care marks LGBT+ History Month!

This February, our charity has celebrated LGBT+ History Month by creatively expressing who we are and what we stand for.

Inspired by the theme of ‘Politics in Art’, we launched this important month by encouraging our people to create artwork that represents them, using the colours of the pride flag. With many of our colleagues and the people we support sharing their creations, thanks to our LGBT-themed colouring template, we took this time to reflect on the importance of LGBT+ inclusion within in our charity.

To demonstrate our commitment to uplifting LGBT+ voices, we also released a ‘pride’ version of our logo, created especially for this month, so our colleagues could share this across both our charity and on their own social media channels. Signifying our solidarity with the LGBT+ community, we hope this logo has created greater awareness and discussion around LGBT+ rights.

Throughout 2022, our charity has been busy working towards the goals of our Diversity and Inclusion plan – ‘A Place I Belong’. Over the next few months, we’ll be working to set up brand-new colleague-led Inclusion Networks, including a network for LGBT+ colleagues.

We’ve been proud to listen and promote the voices of our LGBT+ colleagues throughout LGBT+ History Month, and we’ll be continuing with our work to make sure everyone within our charity feels not just accepted, but celebrated in their identities.

Click here to read more about our diversity and inclusion plans for this year.

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