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Inclusion and social impact with UK Sport

The World Taekwondo Grand Prix 2023 brought its community together – creating life changing opportunities and unforgettable moments for many people who face the greatest barriers to social inclusion.

World Taekwondo Grand PrixEmpowered by training and support from our charity, and supported by a joint partnership with UK Sport and Paralympics GB, British Taekwondo delivered a more accessible, inclusive and impactful event.

By taking a holistic view of accessibility, the conditions were set to enable people to enjoy the Grand Prix with real independence and excitement.

Accessibility requires a deep consideration of your audiences, exploring how every person can be enabled to thrive. It spans all aspects of delivering an event – from pre-tournament communications and marketing, to venue design and services. This can only be achieved through deeply considering lived experience.

Community Integrated Care empowered the British Taekwondo team with new insights and innovations, developed through its experiences of supporting thousands of people to enjoy live sports and partnerships with other major events.

Enhanced by pre-tournament venue assessments and consultancy from our charity’s Support Squad – a specialist team that applies their lived experience of disability to support positive change – real improvements were made.

With a mission of delivering an event that could reach out to its communities and offer a brilliant experience to every spectator, the British Taekwondo team embraced learning and development.

Community Integrated Care supported the team with its Beyond Barriers course – a unique programme that empowers event organisers to explore how they can deeply embed accessibility, inclusion, and social impact.

The Grand Prix successfully attracted 100 first time fans from care and disability community groups, and delivered an expansive school engagement programme.

Giving 30 people life-changing support and a platform to live their dreams, the programme changed lives and enhanced the athlete and spectator experience.

Offering participants the chance to explore themes as diverse as independent travel, creativity, and communications, and to celebrate their talents by performing to the crowd, the Grand Prix was a vibrant festival that celebrated people’s talent and potential.

Events should be beacons of opportunity for their communities – stimulating and leaving permanent social impact – powerful agent for social connection, purpose, friendship, and opportunity.

British Taekwondo’s partnership with Community Integrated Care, Paralympics GB and UK Sport shows that through a commitment to accessibility, inclusion, and social impact, you can unleash the power of sport for all! Watch our highlights video below:


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