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Fond Farewells And New Arrivals At Age Exchange

Community Integrated Care’s subsidiary charity, Age Exchange, will be wishing a fond farewell to three long-standing Board members, Chair Bridget Prentice, Amanda De Ryk and Carolyn Denne, as they come towards the end of their terms with the charity and pursue new goals. This transition is supported by the addition of three skilled and experienced new Trustees, who share a passion for and connection to Age Exchange’s mission and will help to lead the next stage of their strategic journey.

Bridget, Amanda and Carolyn have each made an incredible and long-standing contribution to Age Exchange. With Bridget and Amanda nearing the end of their terms as trustees and Carolyn having important voluntary commitments within the healthcare sector, this is the right time to transition to new trusteeships.

On Going Relationships

Importantly, Bridget, Amanda and Carolyn will continue to maintain positive relationships with Age Exchange and support the charity in other capacities. Carolyn is an active member of Age Exchange’s Friends of Age Exchange membership group and Amanda will continue to champion the charity from her role as a Trustee for Community Integrated Care. Bridget’s connections and influence will continue to support Age Exchange, including helping to find exciting opportunities to celebrate their upcoming 40th anniversary.

A careful transition is being planned to new Trustee leadership. Experienced local authority Leader Sean Harriss will be taking the role of Chair of Age Exchange in August. As a former CEO of local authorities, including Harrow, Lambeth and Bolton, and with significant experience in supporting the third sector, Sean brings a wealth of leadership skills and expertise to the charity.

The Board of Trustees was further enhanced earlier this year by the appointment of Community Integrated Care Trustee, Jay Muthu, who holds the position of Director of HR at BT Group and has spent more than a decade working in London. Followed by Danielle Chan, Community Integrated Care’s Director of Communications and Engagement. With these Trustees having a strong passion for community development, culture, and social impact, and bringing complementary new skills and connections to the Age Exchange board, they will make a valuable contribution to the ongoing success of the charity.

An Exciting Chapter

These changes come at an exciting time, as Age Exchange is nearing its 40th anniversary and is set to launch a refreshed strategy to further its impact locally and nationally. With Age Exchange securing several exciting joint commissions to deliver new programmes within London and also in many of our charity’s own communities, the charity is generating real momentum.

Sean Harriss, says: “It is an honour to step forward as Chair of Age Exchange. I have enjoyed supporting Age Exchange and Community Integrated Care this year and developed a real appreciation of the important role that Age Exchange can play locally and nationally. I am excited to help share my experience to enable the continued progress of this historic charity.

Bridget, Carolyn, and Amanda have each made an incredible contribution to Age Exchange. Their tenures have seen them support the charity in many ways – including through the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic. They have delivered many successes, not least the successful merger with Community Integrated Care and giving the team their backing in creating sector-leading work. They are stepping down with real clear direction in place, as we follow our exciting new strategy and prepare to launch several new partnerships and programmes. We are pleased to have their continuing support, in their evolving connection with our charity.”

Fond farewells

Bridget Prentice, says: “It has been my honour to lead Age Exchange for over a decade. The charity has consistently broken barriers and delivered innovative services that have changed countless lives, driven by the unique people and talents that make up the Age Exchange community.

Whilst I will naturally be sad to step away from this position, I do so with real optimism. Age Exchange is entering its 40th year with momentum in many areas, and in Sean, we have a hugely experienced leader to help guide the next phase of our strategy.  I thank everyone whom I have had the pleasure of working alongside during this decade. I will continue to champion and support Age Exchange and stay connected to this charity that is so close to my heart.”

Amanda De Ryk, says: “It has been an honour to serve Age Exchange as a trustee for nine years. This charity has a vital presence in the local community and delivers exceptional, innovative support, so I take real pride in the role that I have held as a custodian of Age Exchange.

I want to thank all of the Trustees, colleagues, Friends and supporters of Age Exchange, whom I have enjoyed working alongside. I will continue to actively support Age Exchange, both in my role as a Trustee of Community Integrated Care and as a Councillor for Lewisham Borough Council. I am excited about the bright future for the charity and look forward to championing its work in any way I can.”

Carolyn Denne, says: “Age Exchange is close to my heart, and I have felt proud to support its journey. I have learned a great deal as a Trustee of Age Exchange, especially from the fabulous staff and the people we serve.

I wish the charity and our partners at Community Integrated Care the very best for the future. I am pleased to be able to continue to play a part in supporting its work locally with the Friends of Age Exchange. My thanks go to every colleague, volunteer, Friend, and supporter who has helped Age Exchange become the remarkable place and charity it is.”

You can find out more about Age Exchange here.

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