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A message from City captain İlkay Gündoğan

Captain of Manchester City FC, Champions League Finalist and one of our our Charity Ambassadors, İlkay Gündoğan has sent a letter to the people we support and our colleagues ahead of the Champions League Final tonight (Saturday 10th June).

İlkay has had a rich history with our charity, making dreams come true for 30 people from our charity in 2021, when he invited them to be his Guests of Honour at Saturday’s fixture against Crystal Palace. While in 2020, during the pandemic, İlkay celebrated his 30th birthday with socially distanced visits to our colleagues and the people we support.

View the original letter in the image, or read the message in full below.

Hello to all my friends from Community Integrated Care,

I am happy to have the opportunity to connect with all of you back home in Manchester. It’s an honour for me to lead our team as the captain on the field for the Champions League final tonight. You Cityzens have been there for us all season. Without your support, we wouldn’t have been able to have the success that we’ve been able to accomplish.

And tonight, we go out there on more time and fight for the badge on our shirt. For our city. For all Sky Blues. For all of you. I’m very grateful that you came together to watch us play in the final tonight and I hope you keep your fingers crossed for us once again.

I wanted to write you this letter to let you know that you are a true inspiration for me. Your strength, resilience, and zest for life are truly awe-inspiring. The challenges you face on a daily basis require immense courage, and your ability to overcome them is remarkable.

I understand that life can be filled with obstacles and uncertainties, but please know that you are not alone. The bonds you have formed at Community Integrated Care, the laughter you share, and the support you provide to one another are testaments to the strength and beauty of our community and the human spirit. Let’s continue to build a community that celebrates inclusivity and compassion.

I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the employees of Community Integrated Care. Your dedication and outstanding work are truly commendable. Your efforts enable people to lead fulfilling lives and reach their full potential. Your professionalism, compassion, and empathy make a tremendous difference in the lives of many people. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your exceptional work and the positive impact you make in the world.

It’s been a pleasure to have celebrated my birthday with all of you guys in 2020 and 2021 – it’s been great to have spent this time together. I cannot be with you tonight and watch the UCL final together, but as a little present and to give something back, I have plenty of food and drinks for you guys. Enjoy it, have a good time tonight and I hope to see you soon!


All the best


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