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Our Inclusive Volunteers send Postcards!

Together with The Rugby League World Cup and supported by Sport England, our Inclusive Volunteers have been busy getting ready to welcome all 32 teams competing in the Rugby League World Cup in 2022.

With 20 nations arriving to the UK next year for the Tournament, people supported by our charity were assigned an incredible volunteering project; to design and create Postcards that welcome each of the 32 teams to the Rugby League World Cup 2021.

Open to imaginative and artistic ideas such as illustrations or collages, we have guided each entry with areas of focus to think about when creating their design. This included symbols from the designated nation, landmarks of the region the service was in and three themes of inclusion: friendship, caring and community. From the cultural quirks of each nation to symbolic attractions of World Cup host towns and cities, each postcard featured an inspired piece of artwork accompanied with a personalised message of support for the team.

Aimed at promoting independence and making dreams come true, the postcards project gave participants the chance to enjoy an aspirational role built around their personal interests in art.

From Jamaica to Papua New Guinea, there are now hundreds of new rugby league fans that will support their assigned nation at the Tournament next year, leaving a legacy and admiration for each nation within the communities.

View all 32 incredible designs here.

This project is part of our ground-breaking, perception-shattering, award-winning social inclusion partnership, the RLWC2021 Inclusive Volunteering Programme. This gives people with learning disabilities, autism, mental health concerns and dementia, the opportunity to discover their potential through personal development projects, specialist mentoring and incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experiences through this international sporting event.

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