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5 Amazing Moments from World Taekwondo

Manchester 2023 World Taekwondo Grand Prix Final and Community Integrated Care came together to change the lives of 50 local people who access care and support. With the backing of ParalympicsGB and UK Sport, this prestigious event and collaboration pioneered the standard for greater accessibility and inclusion.

But what about the stories of those people, who went on to inspire so many, and leave their mark on this world class event?

Well, here’s an insight into those tales, with 5 amazing moments from our charity joining forces with British Taekwondo!

1. Inclusive Volunteering on the World Stage!

Inclusive volunteers in official event red t-shirts holding their hands up in celebration.After registering for Community Integrated Care’s renowned Inclusive Volunteering programme with British Taekwondo, over 50 people from across greater Manchester were introduced to a new sport and opportunity.

With support to build their skills and confidence through exciting projects inspired by the sport, participants enjoyed dream roles at the event.

From interacting with guests to taking photos of the action, volunteers brought their talents to the world stage. The crowning moment, a Taekwondo-themed dance performed by a group who were performing in front of people for the first time, having enjoyed learning ‘Poomsae’ movements through Taekwondpo taster experiences.

2. Accessible to all!

Inclusive volunteer in official red event t-shirt wearing a lanyard at the eventCommunity Integrated Care’s Support Squad – a specialist team employed as ‘experts by experience’ to help organisations fulfil their inclusivity potential – worked closely with the British Taekwondo team from the planning of the event to its delivery!

Working with people supported by our charity and internal specialist, the British Taekwondo team explored simple ways to enhance event accessibility.

This included complimentary sensory aids, and support in bringing 100 new spectators from Manchester’s care and charitable communities!

3. And we’re live!

ITV Granada Reports headed down to Manchester to check out the event and see our Inclusive Volunteers in action!

Ahead of the event, members of the programme took part in a media masterclass, where they were supported to find confidence in their own voice by creating the official promotional video shown at the event! This innovative training led a series of explainer videos to the sport of Taekwondo and Para Taekwondo being developed, starring people supported by the charity!

Specially designed to introduce new fans to this exciting sport, it starred Tauseef Iqbal from Manchester, who was proud to share how it felt to be part of it!

“This has been incredible. I have had the chance to try lots of new things and to discover new skills. I enjoyed trying the sport of Taekwondo, and also being part of the videos! I feel like a TV presenter!”

4. Snap away, Katie!

Inclusive volunteer in official red event t-shirt holding a large camera, taking a photograph of the eventKatie Richardson is now an experienced Inclusive Volunteer, having joined our charity’s programme in 2021! A keen photographer, Katie has not only developed her camera skills and know-how to take a great photo, but has also found ways to build her confidence over the years with support from our charity.

This volunteering journey led Katie to follow her passion for photography, and have the opportunity to capture the World Taekwondo as the event’s official photographer!

Seizing the moment, Katie snapped away, producing the most spectacular action shots from across the event, which made their way to the official Taekwondo social media channels. Speaking on her experiences, she said:

“I love being part of these programmes, and to be able to build my passion for photography through capturing sporting events like this. It was incredible to be an official photographer at the event. Photographing Paralympians at such a big competition was a dream come true.”

5. Step aside, Picasso!

During an arts experience at the Manchester Arts Gallery, people supported by our charity produced stunning visual graphics, influenced by the sport of Taekwondo and the city of Manchester which celebrated inclusion and the paralympic movement.

These stunning artworks were gifted to event attendees and competing athletes, with special montages specifically delivered to the podium athletes, who received this gift alongside their medals.

Serving as a poignant memento of their time at the event which helps to celebrate the power of inclusion, GB Athlete and Silver Medallist Beth Munro was captured gleaming in delight with her artwork gift!


Connect with this incredible charity…

Community Integrated Care’s Inclusive Volunteering Programme with Sport England was recently recognised as the leading programme in the UK Sports sector, winning the Best Sports Community Scheme at the Sports Business Awards 2023.

Through aspirational vocational placements and innovative programmes that build skills, friendships, and new passions, it provides a uniquely a motivating pathway to greater independence.

If you want to hear more about how the charity can support your programmes, social impact, accessibility and inclusivity, please contact John Hughes, Director of Partnerships and Communities at Community Integrated Care –

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