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Volunteer Receives Certificate of Appreciation from Barnardo’s

Amy McConville, who volunteers at Barnardo’s charity shop on Prescot Road in Fairfield, Liverpool, has been recognised by the childrens charity for her hard work and dedication at a presentation on 7th June.

Amy McConville Amy, who is supported by our Vocational Support Service, has worked at the charity shop for two years. Her busy job involves everything from sorting and tagging clothes, tidying the shop floor, working the till to helping customers.

This Volunteers Week, staff at the charity shop held a special event to honour their hard-working volunteer. Amy was given a Certificate of Appreciation, a new wrist watch, chocolates and a big bunch of flowers from the store manager. Amy and her support worker then enjoyed tea and cake with the staff team. 

Vocational Support Service helps people with physical and learning disabilities, mental health concerns and autism find meaningful employment and volunteering opportunities. Amy joined the supported employment service seven years ago, gaining paid employment at Costa Coffee. Two years ago, she started volunteering at Barnardo’s every Wednesday.

Amy said: “I loved receiving my flowers and gifts and had a lovely day at Barnardo’s today. I really enjoy volunteering here, having a nice time with my team and talking to the customers.”

Karen Smith, Store Manager for Barnardo’s, said: “Amy is the most amazing person I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Her enthusiasm for the job really shines through and she has an excellent rapport with our customers – everyone loves her! She truly deserves to be recognised today and I’d like to thank Amy for her hard work and dedication.”

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