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Voice Groups Launch Across UK

This Spring, Community Integrated Care is proud to kick off our newest season of Voice Groups across the UK.

People we support sit on sofa and comfy chair, giving a thumbs up to the cameraAs part of our charity’s work engaging the people we support and encouraging co-production across our organisation, our Voice Groups took shape in 2023. They provide a dedicated space for people to share ideas, feedback and their experiences of being supported by our charity.

Led by Quality Advisors, people employed by our charity who have first-hand experience of social care, Voice Groups take place both in-person, across all of our regions, and virtually, to ensure they are as accessible and inclusive as possible.

Throughout October and November last year, we had thirty people we support attend a group to share their voice. Now, launching our second season of sessions, we’re delighted to see even more people register to join their local groups.

People we support having a discussionAs well as empowering attendees to take part in important conversations about our charity and ways to improve their own care and support, the groups also provide a great opportunity for the people we support to gain leadership and employability skills, build friendships and improve their confidence.

With this year being a General Election year, this season’s Voice Group sessions will focus on supporting people to understand their rights, including their right to vote and be active citizens in their community.

Louise, a person we support, shared her experience of participating in our Voice Groups: “I enjoy going to the Voice Groups because we get to voice our opinions, share a lot of information, and make a difference in our community!”

Jim Kane, Chief Executive Officer at Community Integrated Care, said: “It’s fantastic to see our Voice Groups relaunch for a new season and to see even more people taking part and sharing their views. We’ve already experienced the impact the groups have had across our regions; giving people the confidence and independence to shape their own futures, and ensuring the people we support are at the heart of our organisation. Over the coming months, I look forward to hearing new insights from the groups, that will help our teams drive meaningful change across our charity.”


Find out more about our upcoming Voice Groups and register your interest here: Voice Groups – Community Integrated Care

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