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Support people to vote: 2024 General Election

Community Integrated Care is proud to share our #PromotingOurVoting campaign, sharing resources and advice for people who access care and support, and the people who support them, ahead of the 2024 General Election on Thursday 4th July.

Community Integrated Care’s core vision is to enable people to lead the best lives possible, and a big part of this comes in empowering people to be active citizens and understanding their voting rights.

Voting in General Elections provides this opportunity – offering voice and choice on fundamental issues like social care, housing, education, and the environment.

Our charity’s #PromotingOurVoting campaign provides accessible advice and resources from registering to vote to taking part in voting on the day.

Voting deadlines:

General Election Key 2024 Dates 18th June - Register to vote 19th June -Apply for a postal vote 26th June - Apply for a Voter Authority Certificate - a valid form of ID 26th June - Apply for proxy vote Support people to vote.

The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday 18th June. You can register yourself or support someone to register by clicking here.

You can access an easy read guide on registering someone to vote by clicking here.

To vote in person  

The voting legislation changed last year. To vote in person, people now need to present an accepted photo ID at the polling station – such as a UK passport, Driver’s Licence or Blue Badge.

If the person you support does not have an accepted photo ID and wants to vote in person, you can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate to use in future elections and referendums. Click here to apply – you have to apply by 5pm on Wednesday 26th June to vote in the General Election on 4th July.

To vote by post  

To vote by post, voters needed to have applied for a postal vote no later than 5pm, 11 working days before the election they are voting in.

Voting by proxy 

People who have a disability can apply for a trusted person to vote on their behalf if they prefer – this is known as a proxy voter. You can apply for someone here.

More information and guidance

We understand that the voting process can feel difficult or daunting for people with support needs.

To help Support Workers and family members to support people in making decisions around voting, check out our Promoting our Voting guide, produced alongside our Quality Advisors.

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